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Fiberglass Moulding Coffs Harbour Pty Ltd.
International Manufacturer of Fiberglass Products, Australia's largest supplier of Airport Safety Markers for Runways. Fiberglass Runway Markers, Water Slides, Boats, Shop Fronts and much more. It's up to your imagination. International Sales. Well Established Business. Employing Skilled Labour.


Australia & International

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34 Hawke Drive
Woolgoolga 2456
NSW Australia

PO Box 1177
Coffs Harbour 2450
NSW Australia


Phone: (02) 6654 0325
Fax: (02) 6654 0725
Email: sales@fgmcoffs.com.au

About FGM
The Director of Fiberglass Moulding Pty Ltd (Mr. Wyn Holmes) has many years of experience and has gained an enviable reputation. For many years Wyn has been sourcing and completing not only small Local Jobs, but also large National and International Projects involving many people. Fiberglass Moulding currently employs a highly skilled workforce who are often called upon to complete large jobs on-site in other towns and even in other countries. "We have clients extending to the other side of the planet - even as far as Dubai and China". Fiberglass Moulding - A name you can trust!