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Cable Handling Services.
Leaders in the Design, Development & Supply of Cable Handling Equipment to the Mining Industry. Trailing Cables, Cable Handling, Mine Cable Support Equipment, Cable Boats, Highwall Gantries, Cable Arch, Manual Cable Handling Equipment, Cable Handling Grabs, Cable Relocation Services, Cable Handlers, Cable Webbing Slings, Cable Slings, Cable Towers, Cable Crossovers Light & Heavy, Cable Coupler Stands & Sleds, Coupler Joiners, Highwall Gantries, Cable Boats, Cable Pinatas, Cable Guide Systems. Full Spare Parts Backup on all Manufactured Items. Molindinar QLD Australia


Gold Coast QLD

Cable Handling Services PL
1-3 Activity Crescent
Molendinar 4214
QLD Australia

Telephone: +61 7 55 972 970
Fax: +61 7 55 972 940
Email: info@chs.net.au

Products & Services

Cable handling hazard & awareness programs
Cable handling audits
Cable handling training
Cable handling grabs (no more choked or damaged cables)
Cable handling webbing slings
Cable handling tractor/vehicle attachments
Various other tooling available and under development

Our Company Message

We are the leaders in the design and manufacture of high voltage trailing cable-handling equipment. Total asset management? Are your trailing cables an asset or a costly hazard? After all they power possibly the largest asset on your mine site? Let us reduce your machine idle time due to neglect and or unwanted cable damage, remove the high potential for bodily injuries through our hazard & awareness programs, education & tooling.