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Kumiai-Ryu International.
International Martial Arts, Martial Arts System of Self Defence. Real Karate, Muay Thai, Grappling, Kung-Fu Weaponry and Tai Ki Ken. Fully NCAS Accredited Instructors. Karate grades are recognised in Okinawa. Muay Tai Instructors have trained in Thailand.


KRMAS Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia

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Dojo Locations
KRMAS has 26 locations across the ACT, NSW and QLD.
Enquiries should be directed to each specific town or suburb.

Albion Park Rail NSW
Bathhurst NSW
Bundaberg QLD
Cootamundra NSW
Cowra NSW
Dubbo NSW
Forbes NSW
Gin Gin QLD
Gympie QLD
Harden NSW
Hervey Bay QLD
Hills Sydney NSW
Lithgow NSW
Maryborough QLD
Orange NSW
Parkes NSW
Peak Hill NSW
Port Macquarie NSW
Taree NSW
Townsville QLD
Wellington NSW
West Lakes (Toronto) NSW
Weston Creek ACT
Young NSW

To be confirmed
Narromine NSW
Shellharbour NSW
Shoalhaven NSW

Kumiai Ryu Martical Arts System Badge
KRMAS is an exciting, dynamic and innovative martial art system founded by eminent Australian martial artist, Kevin Blundell, in 1989. Blundell founded the system because of the reduction in the standard of martial arts being taught around the world. Although there are many fine martial artists providing quality instruction, there has been a world-wide trend of impostors with no real martial arts qualifications teaching martial arts to cash in on their popularity. Another factor influencing this decline in standard has been the dilution of many martial arts system to make them safe for tournament use. Kumiai-Ryu is based on traditional karate, but also incorporates Free-Style Martial Arts, Phoenix Martial Arts Systems, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Grappling, Kyusho Jitsu, Okinawan Kobudo, and Kung Fu Weaponry. All techniques are taught to be as effective and safe as possible in a realistic self defence situation, and emphasis is placed on the effective self defence application of the systems Kata. This realistic training is vital, for the way you train is the way you will react in a real situation. All Kumiai-Ryu instructors are highly motivated, dedicated professionals. Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts is for everyone. Our dynamic system is flexible enough to accommodate people from all walks of life and backgrounds. When you attend a KRMAS Training Centre you are learning more then just how to kick or punch, you are learning a new way of life.

Karate Kids & Little Ninja's
The Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts System (KRMAS) has specially designed an Educational Lifestyle Program for our younger members. Our program has been designed by a team of "early childhood" professionals to enable your child to learn values, confidence, respect and self discipline. In a fun filled environment! For your childs protection, all of our instructors have met the requirements of the various state and territory Child Protection Acts.

Resolution &
Personal Protection Training
(R.A.P.P.T Pty Ltd)

Providing Conflict Resolution courses to
Individuals / Family Groups / Corporations / Government Agencies

Short Sharp Courses
which revolve around simple realistic and effective self defence skills are currently conducted throughout Australia, and soon in New Zealand and South East Asia. Our team of dedicated highly trained and accredited professional Instructors with decades of experience and research behind them take course participants through an intensive but achievable (low fitness level required) set of skills. Our Instructors use neuro linguistic terminology, which instils “no fear positive imagery” in course participants. This assists individuals in overcoming their fears in a conflict Situation. R.A.P.P.T. Pty Ltd manufactures self protection videos, training books and related equipment. R.A.P.P.T. Pty Ltd Self Protection Course Graduates are confident in the knowledge that they have been shown a broad overview of conflict resolution, self empowerment and realistic self defence skills which will enable them to make an informed choice of which action to take if and when they are confronted with a life threatening situation. RAPPT Pty Ltd conducts a variety of self protection and specialist courses. The most popular course being the Level 1 Personal Protection Course which is suitable for everyone.


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