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Activate Hypnotherapy.
Juanita Barton has studied with the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, is registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is a certified Hypnotherapist. Juanita has extra qualifications as a Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialist, and was trained using a technique that is the most advanced and comprehensive available in Australia. As well as being a Quit Smoking Specialist, Juanita is also a specialist in Ideal Weight, and Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Juanita runs her Hypnotherapy Practise alongside her work as a Health, Wellness & Weight Loss Coach. Hypnosis Enables Mastery in Every Aspect of Your Life. Quit Cigarettes & other Addictive Behaviours, Weight-loss / Hypno-Gastric Banding, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Panic Attacks. Eastern Suburbs, Sydney NSW Australia.


Bondi or Chatswood NSW

Hypnosis in
Bondi or Chatswood

NSW Australia

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Certified Hypnotherapist
Juanita Barton
Mobile: 0416 209 724

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Email: info@activatehypnotherapy.com.au
Website: www.activatehypnotherapy.com.au

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Juanita Barton Certified Hypnotherapist from Activate Hypnotherapy
A word from Juanita Barton
"My name is Juanita Barton and I am absolutely passionate about helping people master all areas of their life through Hypnotherapy. Not only do I see the awe inspiring transformation in my clients everyday but I have experienced epic changes in my life thanks to Hypnosis. I have cleared childhood trauma, gained confidence and awareness and have become abundant in all areas of my life through Hypnosis. I have studied with the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis. As a certified and registered Hypnotherapist I have helped clients overcome panic attacks, phobias and anxiety, quit smoking, gambling and other addictions, change their relationship with food and much more. I have extra training and qualifications as a Quit Smoking Specialist, and was trained using a technique that is the most advanced and comprehensive available in Australia. I also have extra training and qualifications in Ideal Weight, and Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Everyone is born with a powerful imagination so everyone has the ability to be hypnotised. I explain Hypnosis in a simple way before the session so it makes sense and you will understand how and why it works. If you are interested in finding out more please don’t hesitate to call me on 0416 209 724"


Activate Hypnotherapy Testimonial
I wanted to quit cigarettes. I tried all avenues nothing worked like hypnotherapy. I’m finally cigarette free. I enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke and don’t feel like smoking a cigarette. WOW!

Activate Hypnotherapy Testimonial
I called Juanita to help me with my anxiety I have been for a while. She is very professional and full of knowledge and heart. After one hypnotherapy session I felt the difference in my life and began to attract positive things and people. My life will never be the same! I can't thank you enough! I highly recommend Juanita's session!

Activate Hypnotherapy Testimonial
Wow o wow I wanted to lose 20kg after having a baby and I just can't get off the sugar. I was sceptical with hypnotherapy, but just 1 treatment I had and it's worked. No sugar cravings during the day. Now I can start by weight lose with a great fresh start. If your thinking about it then go ahead.

Activate Hypnotherapy Testimonial
I have worked with many alternative therapies and felt I had done all the expressing and body work I could, (for now) I felt deeply that my mindset was what needed help. Hypnotherapy is the the missing link! Juanita is a gifted hypnotherapist that has deeply and profoundly effected my concious thoughts. Her consultation uncovered many beliefs I have that I wanted to let go of. With such heartfelt creativity Juanita concocted a special set of sessions for me that have left me feeling on top of the world, on path, confident, full of love peace and clarity. I left my first session in a state of bliss and listened to her recording to emphasise the work. I cant wait for more sessions and to see the longer term results I know will be nothing less than incredible! Thank you so much Juanita xx

Activate Hypnotherapy Testimonial
I don’t really know why I smoked. I had given up smoking in the past – lots of times.  Every time I stopped smoking, I told myself that I would always be a smoker – I just had to decide to never smoke again.  But this is different…  I came out of this one session with Juanita knowing that I definitely DIDN’T WANT to smoke. That was a big change. I actually feel a bit guilty when people congratulate me for not smoking, because it was so easy. I mean, I haven’t even felt tempted to light a cigarette since I saw her.  I didn’t have to stop drinking, socialising, going for a break… I don’t have to do anything. I’m free.

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The Painless way to Quit Smoking - Activate Hypnotherapy
It really is painless to quit smoking with Hypnotherapy
you feel like a non-smoker with absolutely no desire to light up rather than an ex smoker with it always at the back of your mind. 2 Hour Session / 97% Success Rate / Life Time Guarantee. For More Information call Juanita on 0416 209 724.

























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