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Activate Hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis Enables Mastery in Every Aspect of Your Life. Quit Cigarettes & other Addictive Behaviours, Weight-loss / Hypno-Gastric Banding, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Panic Attacks. Eastern Suburbs, Sydney NSW Australia.


Bondi or Chatswood NSW

Hypnosis in
Bondi or Chatswood

NSW Australia

Juanita Barton
Certified Hypnotherapist
Mobile: 0416 209 724
Email: info@activatehypnotherapy.com.au

Activate Hypnotherapy Facebook Page

The Painless way to Quit Smoking - Activate Hypnotherapy
It really is painless to quit smoking with Hypnotherapy
you feel like a non-smoker with absolutely no desire to light up
rather than an ex smoker with it always at the back of your mind.

2 hour session
97% success rate
Life Time Guarantee
Call Juanita on 0416 209 724 for more information

Juanita Barton - Certified Hypnotherapist from Activate Hypnotherapy
About Juanita

Juanita Barton has studied with the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, is registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is a certified Hypnotherapist. Juanita has extra qualifications as a Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialist, and was trained using a technique that is the most advanced and comprehensive available in Australia. As well as being a Quit Smoking Specialist, Juanita is also a specialist in Ideal Weight,
and Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Juanita runs her Hypnotherapy Practise alongside her work as a Health,
Wellness & Weight Loss Coach.


I wanted to quit cigarettes.
I tried all avenues nothing worked like hypnotherapy.
I’m finally cigarette free.
I enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke and don’t feel like smoking a cigarette.

I called Juanita to help me with my anxiety I have been for a while.
She is very professional and full of knowledge and heart.
After one hypnotherapy session I felt the difference in my life and began to attract positive things and people.
My life will never be the same!
I can't thank you enough!
I highly recommend Juanita's session!

Wow o wow I wanted to lose 20kg after having a baby and I just can't get off the sugar.
I was sceptical with hypnotherapy, but just 1 treatment I had and it's worked.
No sugar cravings during the day.
Now I can start by weight lose with a great fresh start.
If your thinking about it then go ahead.

I have worked with many alternative therapies and felt I had done all the expressing and body work I could, (for now) I felt deeply that my mindset was what needed help. Hypnotherapy is the the missing link! Juanita is a gifted hypnotherapist that has deeply and profoundly effected my concious thoughts. Her consultation uncovered many beliefs I have that I wanted to let go of. With such heartfelt creativity Juanita concocted a special set of sessions for me that have left me feeling on top of the world, on path, confident, full of love peace and clarity. I left my first session in a state of bliss and listened to her recording to emphasise the work. I cant wait for more sessions and to see the longer term results I know will be nothing less than incredible! Thank you so much Juanita xx

I don’t really know why I smoked. I had given up smoking in the past – lots of times.  Every time I stopped smoking, I told myself that I would always be a smoker – I just had to decide to never smoke again.  But this is different…  I came out of this one session with Juanita knowing that I definitely DIDN’T WANT to smoke. That was a big change. I actually feel a bit guilty when people congratulate me for not smoking, because it was so easy. I mean, I haven’t even felt tempted to light a cigarette since I saw her.  I didn’t have to stop drinking, socialising, going for a break… I don’t have to do anything. I’m free.

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